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Website Photos

Hi Shaun. Stunning photos! Didn't even realise you were also a proper photographer but should have guessed from your recent photos on FB!
Keep up the good work and Prog On!
Colin Powell

Recent photos

Love your recent holiday photos! Xxx
Deb audouin

Greece / Sifnos

hello, "greek friends " !
we were glad to meet you in Sifnos - we just saw many beautiful pictures from Shaun ! - magnifique ! - How was your stay in Milos ?
we're back in Belgium , after 2 days in Athens - nice - We hope to go back to Greece ASAP !
with love from Brussels,
Marc & Nicole

Upper Porthmawr Farm

Hi, Just seen this beautiful picture of Upper Porthmawr, just wanted to let you know (in case anyone asks etc) that you can now stay there with Coastal Cottages. and enjoy the view from the comfort of the 5 star farmhouse. Many Thanks
Sophie Evans

Pelion Greece

Wow, pictures that take your breath away. Amazing, fantastic words escape me. Reminds me of a place I know well!

Great pics

Hi Shaun,
Just spent some time browsing your web-site again. Fantastic pictures. 10/10 for detail. 10/10 for the 'Wow' factor.
Excellent work.
Andy Hill

Your photos!

Just viewed your lovely new photos of Pembrokeshire! Amazing pictures! Deb & Christian Audouin
Christian Audouin

New photos

Hi Shaun,
I like the new photos of the Carribean.
All the best,
James Adams


Smashing pictures on yoour website!
Keith Hibberts

Your website

hello Shaun, nice website, great photos.
Ali Wood


Hi Shaun
great site. Nice to see the much missed Rob Leighton down your guest book list. All round great guy and a keen photographer himself.
best Bill Barnes HORIZON Magazine & Radio Caroline web shop
Bill Barnes


Just got around to looking at the website loved the photos especially Staffs and The Limousin having spent a holiday there some time ago.


Hi Shaun just had a look at your photo's they are very good. I was wondering if you did talks on your photo's?. As I'm a member of a photo club in Armitage and we have guest speaker once a month and I thought of you.
Eddie Robertson

Your photos!

Just shown photos to Mum and Dad who were really impressed! Please put Baltic Cruise photos on so I can show them those too!
deb audouin

Beautiful photos!

Your beautiful photos are very evocative and atmospheric. What a talent!
Your friend deb x
deb audouin

French shots

Lovely misty shots Shaun. Give up your day job!!
Mark Raymond

France Photos

Your latest misty shots from France have taken you into a different league. Well done mate!
D Johnson

Quality Photographs

Hi Shaun, there are some nice portrayals of mood and atmosphere in your work, inspiring images.

Shaun's Photography

Good to meet you at Porthgain/Abereiddy! Your photos are first rate - I have looked at/enjoyed every single one.
Nick J
Nick Jenkins - Professional Photographer
Nick Jenkins

What can I say!

I have never seen photographs of such skill, clarity and imagination. You are a truly gifted photographer.
Debbie Scott

Lovely pics!

Hi Shaun. Your pics are amazing. I love the Greek Islands ones, fantastic shape and colour. Wonderful!
Jasmine Davies

An NHS/CMP presentation....

Hi Shaun how's life down South of the County?
I'm presenting at an NHS/CMP partnership event and wondered could I use around 6 of your images to depict how beautiful Staffs can be.
Carl Plant - NHS Staffordshire Condition Management Programme
** No problem - photos provided** (SG)
carl plant


great site Shaun!
Ray Crowther (former Signal Radio Presenter)
Ray Crowther

Latest Pic's

I'm completely stunned by that Ischia sunset! The vivid colour and those birds in the foreground make a very nice photograph. Great timing!
Duncan 'Z'
Duncan 'z'


I have been looking at your pictures and they are all fantastic.
Kind regards
Paul Byrne
Paul Byrne


Love your photos of greece, several places we've been. We clicked on your website via the Stoupa website. We're back in Stoupa at the end of september for the fourth time.

Your Pictures

Just to say I think your pictures are stunning. I would recommend that you visit the West coast of Scotland and do justice to the wonderful scenery up here.
Lorraine Bromehead

lovely images

Hi, I'm about to put a presentation together as I'm the National Development Officer for the Association of Solution focused practice in the UK. I like the UK coastline images and the images that have space for a few words (like the peace image that has lots of blue sea and sky in 1 third of the image).
Carl Plant

Great new Piccies!

Hi Shaun. Nice to see the latest photos from your trip to Greece. Love the "Clear waters" shot and congratulations on the recent award!
Duncan 'z' James
Duncan 'z' James

latest editions

Dear Shaun
Congratulations! What beautiful photographs you have taken with your new camera.
Dr Sharon Leighton

Your Website

Fantastic photo's... any tom, dick or harry can snap with a camera but I think it's a real talent to capture a good image with the right lighting. The photo of the Roaches is especially memorable for me.
Phil Mansell

Nice site

I was just browsing for pictures for our site. lovely pictures!
john Caulfield

nice site

Nice Site!
check out my link:
Myfamily has been in the U.S. for 125 years, moved from Galway. Write back if interested in corresponding. There aren't that many Geraghty s here.
Carolyn Geraghty Galant


Compliment.You have got very good pictures! I also really enjoyed your galleries which are full of emotions
I'm an Italian photographers.see my work


Hi Shaun
Your website is excellent.
Mike Terry - Bournemouth
Mike Terry

Lovely Pictures

What lovely pictures Shaun. I enjoyed looking through your site and you have some wonderful shots. Any of them would look good framed and hanging in my house.
Sarah in Lichfield

re Website

Hi, just had a look at your galleries,very very good, really liked chirk castle.
christine webb


Have viewed your web page - wow! Particularly like the shots of Devon and Cornwall - we absolutely love Cornwall and looking at your photos makes me wish I was there now. Devon is also a favourite and for the last couple of years we have been to Stoke Gabriel at Easter.
Liz Holdcroft

happy new year

Ace pics Shaun!
Love K & M & Billy x
kay mason


Hi Shaun,fabulous site and i admire your images so much.I feel I need to try more landscape photography, you inspire me a lot.
Graham (shrimpy)


Hi Shaun, I like this site and the work you do!

Lovely photos

Thoroughly enjoyed your photos. Diane told me about your website, I'm just learning to use my new laptop.
Mal Maddox


Hi Shaun,
Just visited your superb website for the first time - loved the photographs.I did'nt realise that I had such a very talented cousin!
Maureen x
Maureen Harrison

A very classy website

Your recent successes are so well deserved. Your photographs always convey a real sense of place and atmosphere!


Hi Shaun, hope you're well.. some great pictures on here, very impressive!
Paul Dean

Fab Website

Great photos, colourful and clear and such tremedous views - really stimulating. Has brightened my day. Will keep website in my favourites.
Diane Naylor


Really enjoyed looking at site again
Tim in Norfolk

Your pictures

Hi Shaun Just like to say what a pleasure it has been to view your pictures on here. Superb stuff, all of them. You certainly have a great eye for a shot. Looking forward to seeing your Peak District shots. I was born in Chesterfield and spent many years just the other side of Sheffield before moving to the fens of Peterborough so the Peak District has been my spiritual 'play ground' for many years.
Love the site and will keep looking in to see how it develops. Many thanks
Graham, (Peterborough)
Graham Thompson

Great Website!

Beautiful pictures Shaun, all showing what a great eye you have for a good shot. Many of them I would gladly have in my house. Keep up the good work so that newcomers to photography like me can see and be inspired by what you do.
Emily Davison

a walk in the woods

First visit to your site and Val and I loved it. Very envious, they look the business. This photo was especially easy on the eye. Keep up the good work, don't know how you do everything, but glad you do.

your website

My first visit to your gallery - such wonderful images! It's great to see them all together and your website is very well designed.

Hey Well Done

Nice one my old son - its great to see that again your photography is winning prizes, am well impressed. Suggest that at some point you start doing a lecturing course at a college on how you manage it. All the best
Jesmund Bear

Your Site

Seriously great site and fantastic shots - its a real talent. I think a market stall selling your good shots on good quality paper would be a great seller. take care m8 and keep the faith......

Your website

A sparkling journey through light and colour.


Lovely website shaun, nice and easy to navigate.
Gray Masters

Some fine work!

Shaun, you have some really wonderful work here -your capture of light and the warmth of tone is as good as it gets. Seymour -
Seymour Rogansky

What a site!.

Hi ya Shaun. Cant tell you how impressed i am with your site, you must be really proud. Enjoyed looking through the galleries, you really have got a pro look to your shots now.The latest Cyprus shots are great love the "oranges" and the old pier photos. Now that we are back on line i will be logging on regularly. All the best.
Marcos Pantelli

Du travail de pro.....

Quel talent! nous sommes impressionns! du travail de pro! De bien beaux voyages, retranscris photographiquement avec reussite, des instants que seule la memoire est capable d'apprecier, ces magnifiques photos nous permettent de voyager e devant notre ecran.
Marie, Pauline, Emma, Bruno. en France


Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. They are simply stunning.
Christine Forster

Website link

Hi Shaun
I love your images of Cyprus and your local area, and congrats on a well laid out website.
Keep on clicking
Kevin Barton

Nice site

Hi Shaun
A nice professional looking site and some stunning pictures. Keep up the good work.
Chris Baron

A Talented Man

Its good to see that one of Stafford's best radio DJ's is also a talented photographer.
Keep up the good work mate.
Martin L

New Website

Hi Shaun,
Love the Halki Sunrise!!
Great pics - great site! Keep up the good work
kerry beckett

Your Website



Hi Shaun. I just came across your website and want you to know that your photography is wonderful. The photos of Greece make me just want to be there. I hope you get all the success you deserve.
Shelley, Chicago USA.

Your Site

Hi Shaun. Your site is great. Especially the pics from Cyprus!
Tim Love, Norwich
Tim Love

Your New Site

Hi Shaun,
I just wanted to be the first to congratulate you on a superb site featuring some great pictures. Well done.

New Site

Hi Shaun
You have an eye for an appealing and interesting subject, a good light, and a fine frame. Do you do this professionally?
With envious admiration
Rob Leighton (Radio Caroline)
Rob Leighton

Congratulations on your new site.

Hey Shaun. Well done with the new web-site. It looks very stylish and I like the random photo feature on the homepage. Good luck with it and I hope you get lots of hits! I may well stick my nose around the door of Hospital Radio Stafford more often now I'm back in England.
Duncan James
Duncan James (Misterduncan)

morning lad!

like your site!
I am very interested in any news about radio in staffordshire (CAMRA are talking about a RSL Mid June 2008 for a month).!
shockin mate!
Mike Harker
mike harker

Good luck with the website!

Whata talented man the globe-trotting Mr Geraghty is! I have long been aware of his broadcasting prowess but this website is a great chance to see his photography as well. And what stunning shots there are, really capturing the atmosphere and feel of a place; be it on a Shropshire barge or the character (and sometimes the characters!)of a Greek Island. I shall be back here often.
Chris Brand

Web site

A very well presented, and professional web site, easy layout and design enabling the user to navigate the sections of the web site with ease.
Well done
Andy Hill